Sinister Minister​/​St. Anthony Single

by Township

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Marc Pinansky - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
John Sheeran - Bass
Greg Beadle - Drums
Matt Smart - Guitar, Vocals
Clara Kebabian - Violin on St. Anthony
Jeremy Greene - Cello on St. Anthony
Andrea Gillis - Backing vocals on Backyard Naked Jam
Rona Mattocks - Backing vocals on Backyard Naked Jam
Katie Puzo - Backing vocals on Sinister Minister, Backyard Naked Jam


released September 1, 2008

Produced by Chris McLaughlin & Township
Engineered by Chris McLaughin @ 1867 Recording Studio
Mixed by Chris McLaughlin & Township @ 1867
Mastered by Nick Zampiello @ New Alliance East
Design by Andy Guthrie
Burnin remix by Tony Diodore
Music by Township, Lyrics by M. Pinansky



all rights reserved


Township Boston, Massachusetts

Original rock and roll that feels strangely familiar and familiarly strange since 2006. Feel free to feel free. And remember, life goes on - until it don't.

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Track Name: Sinister Minister
From the brooding cliffs to the razor shores
To the breathless caves to them iron doors

There was loosed a man from the sands of time
Who leads the way from two steps behind
He’s going to break your heart and make you crawl with fear
He’s going to say the words that you want to hear

Fill your head with lies, he’s a sinister minister

When the devil fled, hid forever more
He sent forth a messenger to carry out his chores
He spans the age of man, his shape blonds and bends
He drives the cattle forth until we’ve reached our end

Fill your head with lies, he’s a sinister minister
Track Name: St. Anthony (Single Edit)
It was a long, long road on which I died
And I leaned so much in those days I woke up on my side
I said “Driver, Alive, if you can hear, then let me off here”
And when he did my face, my friend, was a picture of fear

When the road moves on, let it push you along
When the road moves on, let it push you along

At first light of the night we cut lines cursed to be crossed
And I burned St. Anthony’s name until I forgot what I’d lost
Through the cracks in my hands I peered down to a mirror of blood
And I cried to the sink, “My lord, what have I done?”

When the road moves on, let it push you along
When the road moves on, let it push you along

Hear these shouts from the mouths in cold from the side of the road
And they scream to the captain, “Dear Sir, is there room for one more?”
Held a life like a knife, so keen and destined for great
But from a dream you will always awake to be crushed by its weight

When the road moves on, let it push you along
When the road moves on, let it push you along
Track Name: Backyard Naked Jam
Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! It’s a naked jamboree!

She was a six-foot mama in feety pajamas
Doing that backyard dance
She had her knees in the dirt and the bees in her skirt
And they were lining up to take their chance
I had a broke down bicycle, hit by an icicle
Rolling down 282
We took a shot in the dark, through it in park
And lit out to see what to do

High road heiress, vapid and careless
Shaking that box of wine
Dancin’ and prancin’, willin’ and chancin’
Sees all the cameras all of the time
If I could catch that eye, she’d stand mesmerized
She’d come down as if in a trance
And I would take her by the hand and call up the band
And lead her to the woods for a dance

Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! It’s a naked jamboree!

What I read in those tea leaves, you’d never believe me
But I’m gonna say it out, anyway
It said that life is for losers, but you should never abuse her
Cause she’s been around longer than you
Now your momma and poppa and good family doctor
They been saying it from the start
That there’s love in the trees that are bent by disease
You have to appreciate their part
Track Name: Burnin (BM LINX Remix)
Running the motor that moves you along is a dangerous game
Feeling the fractals of light that ignite from a broken pane
Put on the water and turn it to ice, there’s a storm outside
Run from the window with terror abright that you’re burning alive

Riding along and singing a song of hope and faith
While under the seat the bottles crack as the moonlight fades
You’re pushing a luck that’s pushed you along at a treacherous speed
You’re out of the fire and into desire, you’re burning on need

Burning alive, there’s no hope for you yet
Burning alive, you are fueled by regret
Burning alive, no hope for you yet
Burning alive, we drink to forget

Time will dance with no man
Arm in arm with no hands
And we wait for a chance at life’s end
To hold eye to eye a good friend

The sand has run through, but your will it refused to go down
With eyes fixed dead you’re shooting ahead and there’s no sound
The wind at this speed is a razor that cleaves and your arms are gone
You’re just heart and a face at a furious pace and it’s so long